Customer Service Whiz

Do you crave authority and being trusted by your supervisor to make the right exceptions to rules to take care of customers and build relationships? Do you love learning? Do you multitask well, and prioritize like a boss to ensure urgent tasks are done without forgetting about less time sensitive issues? Does your personality come across to people through phone calls and emails so people look forward to talking to you?

If so, keep reading…

Stanton is a leader in special order upholstered furniture located in Tualatin, OR. If you have lived in the Northwest for more than a decade, there is a good chance you have owned one of our sofas. We believe stylish, comfortable, and well-made furniture is a cornerstone of a rich and harmonious home. We also believe that buying our furniture at local retailers should be a fun, easy and painless process. Because we sell through local retailers our relationship with the store and their people is central to making this a reality. Our whole company is built around building deep and long lasting relationships with each local retailer. We do this by delivering on our commitments, making it easy for them to sell our product, quickly and accurately answering questions and going above and beyond to solve any problems that may arise.

This relationship and track record of following through gives the retail sales people confidence to sell Stanton sofas as their own. This is at the core of our success. Without the confidence and trust of our retail partners, we would be nowhere.

Our Customer Service team partnering with our sales team becomes the soul of our company. Stanton customers get their impression of all 300+ people in our company through their interaction with our sales and support team. If you are part of our Customer Service team, you become the face of our company..

Here’s the bottom line: We are very picky. Now we have an opening for the right person to help us grow our relationships with our customers. The person we hire will have the ability to become a customer resource by knowing our products, solving problems while using their discretion and judgment to make wise decisions. All of this wrapped a package of being energized by a fast paced day with multiple simultaneous demands to multitask and prioritize.

If this is you, please apply by clicking here (Customer Service Whiz Application))

Job Summary

You get paid to build relationships with our customers to make them feel uniquely taken care of and part of our team by answering their questions and solving their problems with empathy, speed and confidence. Accomplishing this takes discretion and judgement to know when to follow the guidelines and when to make exceptions. This is also done in the context of a fast paced day with multiple demands at once requiring the customer service person to be able to multitask and prioritize tasks.


Because of the unique and custom nature of this job, there is no previous experience needed. We will train you to do the job. What you will need are the skills below:

Essential Skills

  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Judgement- know when to make exceptions to the rules
  • Ability to develop relationships over the phone
  • Multi-task and prioritize in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to learn product knowledge
  • Minor computer skills

    Duties and Responsibilities


    Work with our customers and internal team members to accomplish the following.

  • Make our customers feel as though we do special things for each and every one of them.
  • Answer questions about products or orders via phone or email
  • Communicate with production scheduling to expedite orders
  • Determine what is needed to solve customer problems
  • Take appropriate actions to ensure that customers problems are solved
  • Communicate any and all product issues to our production team
  • Work with our internal and external repair partners to ensure customers are happy


    Pay range is from $17 - $22 per hour depending on skills, experience and performance.